Lukas Göbel  was born in Amsterdam on January 3rd 1971, he was captured by the magic of Photography at an early age, while helping his father process photographic film. At the age of 10 his father bought Lukas first camera, a Practica with whom he shot birds.


After finishing high school Lukas had several jobs, one of which was making portraits at Madame Tussaud. The visitors could choose between a shot alongside Benny Hill or Arnold Schwarzenegger – most of them going for Benny Hill. In 1994, he began evening classes at the Royal Academy of fine Arts in the Hague, while assisting various photographers during the day. Since graduating in 1999 Lukas developed as a documentary and portrait photographer


his current work exists more and more by telling stories in a autonomous way. Just like with his portraits, and documentary work, Lukas is always looking for contrast in his work, between good and evil, beautiful and ugly or pure and fake. This creates a surrealistic view of the world a world filtered through Lukas his lens and imagination.